Here recently a controversy has broke out with Apple’s iCloud. It is stated that the iCloud was getting hacked. This statement frightened a lot of people. Though, the only prime victims of the issue have been celebrities thus far. The problem with this hacking issue wasn’t that these celebrities were primarily hacked just through iCloud but through their own personal identification. Which leads me to my main focus… If Celebrities high in, secluded profiles can get hacked so easily then what about all of the other regular peoples profiles?
It worries me that so much of what we do is based off technology and that technology, in most cases, isn’t the most secure place to store all of our private information. While its not the most secure way to store all of our personal or private information it is the most convenient. I want to bring up the question as to what we can do to make our personal and private information more secure while keeping it in the most convenient way possible.


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