Social Media


Hello world, long time no chat.
Today as I sat switching back and forth from twitter, snapchat, facebook, instagram, and the new and uprising Yik Yak I thought to myself, ‘How much more productive could I be without these things. How much more happy could I be?’. So one by one I deleted all of them. I want to see how long, and how much of a difference I can see within myself without the negativity and waste of time spent on these sites.
In today’s society I believe that we are too wrapped up in our own pretend world that we often fail to realize what the real issues are around us. Social media has caused a HUGE change in today’s world. Though we all love technology and all the benefits and convenience it has brought upon us, have we, as the next generation, really taken things too far?
On a website I stumbled across, called, Mr. Gladwell makes a valid statement saying that social media is creating a bunch of cowards. I could not agree with him anymore. The more we find ourselves drowning in a pool of social media frenzy the more anti social we become. I being one of those people. I speak for myself and I am sure many others as well, when I say that social media has brought down our social skills. We find it easier to communicate through a text or inta messaging app rather than a phone call or in person. It’s quite pathetic actaully and frankly worries me a little that when it comes time to find our place in this world other than sticking our nose in our phones we won’t have any where to go. It’s important for us to understand that there is more to life than what we get caught up in and the quicker we learn that the better off we’ll be and I think we need to start with weening ourselves off social media sites.


Stop Data Breaches


As I talked about in my last post, hacking is a serious issue and is continuing to become an even bigger problem as we progress in the technology world. Though, I have just found an article on the abc News website that talks about ways we can PREVENT hackers and breaching.
With in the last year 56 million debit and credit cards were swiped. Stores such Target, Michaels, and Neiman Marcus have been hacked with in the past year. This article states that the Department of Homeland Security Department warned last month that more than 1,000 retailers could have malware in their cash-register computers.
The tips given were simple:
1. Consider another way to pay
2. Sign it, Don’t Pin It
3. Beware of Email Scammers
4. Keep Up With Statements
5. Go Old School

I think these tips are extremely helpful and something that we all need to be aware of given that money is turning into plastic and breachers are getting smarter.



Here recently a controversy has broke out with Apple’s iCloud. It is stated that the iCloud was getting hacked. This statement frightened a lot of people. Though, the only prime victims of the issue have been celebrities thus far. The problem with this hacking issue wasn’t that these celebrities were primarily hacked just through iCloud but through their own personal identification. Which leads me to my main focus… If Celebrities high in, secluded profiles can get hacked so easily then what about all of the other regular peoples profiles?
It worries me that so much of what we do is based off technology and that technology, in most cases, isn’t the most secure place to store all of our private information. While its not the most secure way to store all of our personal or private information it is the most convenient. I want to bring up the question as to what we can do to make our personal and private information more secure while keeping it in the most convenient way possible.

Apple may unveil iWatch on September 9 — report CNN


     I found it extremely interesting that in the future we could all potentially be walking around like “Inspector Gadget”. Apple was just awarded this morning, a patent, for its IWatch. They are working on releasing a watch that would not only be used as a watch, but portable computer, desktop computer and mobile phone! The difference between this watch and the smart watch that Google already has out is that this device by Apple will allow you to use it sufficiently without having your mobile phone.
     This device is going to evolve and eventually changing the aspects of our everyday life. It could potentially make our lives entirely more relaxed or complex; depending on how well we are able to adjust to the new technology. This technology is not just useful to one area of a particular persons work force but it can be used universally in all areas of the work force and everyday life.